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We are open and our conducting Sunday morning services: 9:30am Lord’s Supper, and 11am Sunday Bible Hour. KGC reopening is according to the New Jersey state current rules, meaning building capacity restrictions allowing for 50% of total room capacity not exceeding 150 total in the building at all times. 

  • Both meetings will also be carried via Zoom and on YouTube Live please contact Stephen for more information. No refreshments will be formally served in the building.
  • All attendees at services according to New Jersey state rules, must wear face masks at all times except, “briefly for religious purposes such as taking communion” and where doing so would inhibit the individual’s health or where the individual is under two years of age, this is left up to the discretion of the guardian (extra face masks are available on arrival).
  • Please observe social distancing requirements and we ask everyone to remain six feet apart from others at all times, including seating, unless you are immediate family, etc. If you are not feeling well please stay home. Also we asked that you adhere to the state quarantine guidelines if traveling outside the NJ. designated ‘immediate region,‘ and if you have been exposed to the virus please quarantine accordingly.

Baptism Class Sunday March 14th. Classes will be held Sunday at 11:00-11:20AM in KGC’s Fellowship RoomAll interested are welcome. For those who attend you will receive a KGC Baptism Class booklet for your keeping and use. It is especially created to give a thorough, but simple overview of ‘Believers Baptism’. You don’t want to miss our time. If you have questions please ask.

The KGC Bible Study Group will be meeting Monday March 8th at 10AM in the Fellowship Room. This winter and spring we will be embarking on a journey through the book of Romans. Don’t miss the journey come join us!

ROMANS the strength of the gospel

Attention Ladies,
Next Women’s Bible Study is Tuesday March 2nd 7PM on Zoom. Come be challenged, encouraged, refreshed, and blessed as Barbara McKenzie considers the Old Testament book of Isaiah.

Attention Men,
Next We will not be Shaken men’s Bible Study is Tuesday March 2nd
at 7PM on Zoom. We will be considering the Old Testament book of Jonah and the theme, Limiting God. Study guides will be available at KGC and will be sent out via email for your preparation. Come and be challenged, as there is a little bit of Jonah in all of us

The King’s Preschool

The 2020-2021 school year begins soon! Please visit The King’s Preschool website for more details.


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Night Out with a Missionary

The New Jersey Monthly Missionary Prayer Meeting committee invites you to come spend a night out with a missionary.  Meetings are now being held via Zoom.  Next night out with a missionary will be Monday April 5, 2021 at 7PM.  Sponsored by and in conjunction with the Monthly Missionary Prayer Meeting of Kenilworth Gospel Chapel.

Listen Online

Visit our Online Audio Archive.  Messages are grouped by year to make it a little easier to find. Be sure to check it out today.


March 7 Mark Kolchin

March 14 Mark Kolchin

March 21 Mark Kolchin

March 28 Mark Kolchin

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