Electronic Donations

To Donate via PayPal:   Click Here
To Donate via Zelle:  Go to your bank’s website and add Kenilworth Gospel Chapel as a new recipient.  Make sure to use “” as the email.  No phone number is needed.
PayPal and Zelle are well-known financial services and are completely separate from Kenilworth Chapel. When you click the PayPal link you will be taken to the PayPal site. No financial information or account information is given to Kenilworth Chapel at all.



Here are more details about PAYPAL and Zelle:
Please be aware that while there is no cost to you to donate, PayPal will reduce the amount donated because of their fee of 2.49% plus a $0.49 fee from each donation.  So the amount that Kenilworth Gospel Chapel receives will be reduced by these fees. 
Also, the first time you will be asked if you want to donate via your personal PayPal account or by using a credit card.  If  you choose Paypal, it may pre-fill in “” as the email address for your account – but you should remove that and enter the email address for your own PayPal account instead.  Also, if use your PayPal account to donate, it will assume you always want to use PayPal.  So, if you wish to later donate using a credit card instead, you will first need to select the “Not you” message, rather than just entering the dollar amount, and then you will once again be given the choice of how to send your donation first, before you enter the dollar amount.
Zelle does not use a link – It can only be used from your bank’s website and only from banks that participate with Zelle, for example Chase Bank & Bank of America.  However, because it is only offered by banks, not only does Zelle have no fee to you, it also does not deduct any fees at all from your contribution, so that the full amount of your contribution will be received by Kenilworth Gospel Chapel.
For Zelle, instead of a link, you donate by going to your participating bank’s website and creating a new recipient named Kenilworth Gospel Chapel.  What is most important and what makes sure your donation is sent to Kenilworth Gospel Chapel is that you must use the following email as the email for Kenilworth Gospel Chapel:  No phone number is needed.
Thank you for your gifts to the Lord’s ministry!