2023 Sermon Videos

12-31-2023 Mike Leszczak “New Year’s Resolutions: God’s New System-Jesus our Sacrifice”

12-24-2023 Christmas Eve Service “The Prophecy of Zacharias” Luke 1:67-79

12-24-2023 John Shetelich “Simeon-An Ordinary Man God Used to Proclaim His Son” Luke 2:21-33

12-17-2023 Sunday School Christmas Program with Greg Dunkerton

12-16-2023 Joe Glinka Memorial – Link to Playlist (2 Videos)

12-10-2023 Bob Hayes “God’s Annointed is Responsible to Fight God’s Battles” I Samuel 17:20-58

12-3-2023 John Hanke, Most Memorable Days, The Lord’s Supper

11-26-2023 Scott Dunkerton, Gen 15 Righteousness by Faith, Gen 17 Walking Blameless

11-23-23 Stephen Swaim “Thanksgiving Eve Service”

11-19-2023 Scott Dunkerton “To Present Everyone Mature in Christ” Colossians 1:28-29

11-12-2023 Mike Leszczak, Love God Love People

11-05-2023 Dan Arthur “Interruptions & Conflicts: Opportunities to be God’s Blessing” Acts 15:1-21

10-29-2023 Stephen Swaim “The Great Invitation” Isaiah 55

10-22-2023 Henry Sanchez “The Gospel: Only by Jesus Crucified” Galatians 3:1

10-15-2023 Dr Gregory Hagg “The Gospel: By Grace and Faith Alone” Galatians 2

10-8-2023 Dr Gregory Hagg of Chosen Peoples Ministry “Grace Greater than the Law…… And Greater than my Sins” Romans 7

10-1-2023 Stephen Morrow “Escaping God’s Judgment” Romans 2

9-24-2023 Gerard DeMatteo “God’s Love” I Corinthians 13

9-17-2023 John Schetelich “The Sheep and the Good Shepherd” John 10:11

9-10-2023 Ken Hardisty “The Pharisees” Luke 11:37-54 (week 2)

9-3-2023, Ken Hardisty, Luke 11:37-44, Jesus Confronts Hypocrisy

8/27/2023 Bob Hayes “Christ the Firstfruits” I Corinthians 15:20-28

8/20/2023 John Hanke, I Corinthians 4, Have a right view of yourself

8-13-2023, Phil Parsons, Things that Lead to Growth, Romans 14:19

8-6-2023 Phil Parsons “True Freedom in the Kingdom of God” Galatians 5:13-24

7-30-2023 Stephen Morrow “The Mystery of the Four Parables” Matthew 13:44-52

7-23-2023 Dan Mearns “The Holy Spirit Throughout the Bible” John 14

7-16-2023 Gerard DeMatteo “Parable of the Sower-Our Different Soils” Matt 13:1-9

7-9-2023, Greg Dunkerton, Matt 12, God’s Moral Standards

7-2-2023, Scott MacKenzie, The King is Coming, Zechariah 9

6-25-2023, Scott MacKenzie, Zephaniah; the Day of the Lord & the Day of Salvation

6-18-2023, Ron Marchant Ezekiel 37, God Promises Restoration for His people.

6-11-2023 Stephen Morrow “The Millenial Kingdom” Isaiah 65:17-25

6-4-2023, Dan Mearns, 1 Peter 1:3-5, the Inheritance.

5-28-2023, Chris Zito, Attitudes in Service from the book of Philippians

5-21-2023, John Schetelich, Zacchaeus, Luke 19:1-10

5-14-2023, Mike Leszczak, The Trinity & the Holy Spirit

5-7-2023 Ken Barrett “The Holy Spirit: The Power of the Presence of God in Us” Acts 2:1-8

4-30-2023 Ken Barrett “Jesus: Renewal Through Proofs, Promise, Power & Purpose” Acts 1:1-11

4-23-2023, Doug Tremper, Galations 5, Don’t Give up on God

4-16-2023, Philip Boom, Discipleship (Luke 5, John 21)

4-9-2023 Tim Shetelich “Meeting Jesus on the Emmaus Road” Luke 24:13-32

4-7-2023 Good Friday Service Greg Dunkerton

4-2-2023 Scott MacKenzie “Why Do You Seek the Living Among the Dead” Romans 6:11

3-26-2023 Mark Kolchin “Jesus’s Healing at the Bethesda Pool” John 5:1-17

3-19-23 Mark Kolchin “The Samaritan Woman at the Well” John 4

3-12-23 John Hanke “Our Words and Behavior Towards Others”

3-5-23 Scott Dunkerton “Now May the God of Hope Fill You With…….” Romans 15:13

2-26-23 Scott Dunkerton “The Word Brings Patience, Comfort & Hope” Rom 15:4, Ps 119

2-19-2023, Ali Farhadi, Abraham’s Life displeasing to the LORD, Genesis 12-19

2-12-2023, Ali Farhadi, Abraham’s Life honoring the LORD, Genesis 12-19

2-5-2023 Steve Herzig “But God Has Chosen the Foolish Things of the World” I Corinthians 1:18-31

1-29-2023 Steve Herzig “The Day of the LORD” Joel 2:21-29

1-22-2023 Dr Tony Hart “True ‘Fasting’ that Builds the Kingdom of God” Isaiah 58:3-9

1-15-2023, Praise Team

1-8-2023, Mottel Baleston, God Promises to Restore, Isa 43:1-4, 10-12

1-1-2023, Mottel Baleston “If My People…. Will Humble Themselves and Pray” II Chronicles 7:14