Women’s Tea – Speaker Dr. Eleanor Isaacson

Women’s Tea – Speaker Dr. Eleanor Isaacson

Saturday May 18th 2024 – 2 pm

There is no charge for this event and all women are welcome. However seating is limited and registration is needed. Please call Margaret at (908) 276-0896 or fill out this registration form

Here is some more information about this event

Dr. Eleanor Isaacson will be giving an insightful presentation of her time growing up during the Hitler regime. She is a WWII survivor and a gifted inspirational speaker, voted “Speaker of the Year” in Lancaster County seven years in a row. She has spoken throughout the US for more than 45 years and has written several books about her experiences.

Born in the United States, at the age of two she was taken to Germany by her mother and left there to be raised by relatives. As a young girl she experienced the bombings, hunger, fear and other horrors of WWII. Although she knew nothing of God, during that time she felt an invisible presence helping her. At age 13 she escaped back to the US, just in time before the Iron Curtain closed shut.

Shortly after coming to the US, she would discover that the “invisible presence” was the Lord Jesus Christ, and would go on to attend Kenilworth Gospel Chapel for several years. She is now a resident of Willow Valley, but is not retired and says she is “more busy than ever.” We look forward to welcoming her back to Kenilworth Gospel Chapel for this tea!